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Angela Drakeford is an artist from Omaha, Nebraska who is currently practicing in the Boston area.

She received her MFA in Fibers and Material Studies from Tyler School of Art in 2017, and is currently an Associate Professor and the Area Coordinator at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

She seeks to address the daily overt and subtle attacks on the psychological well-being of those in marginalized and at-risk communities. She is interested in what it takes to combat the daily, slow grinding away of a person's humanity and joy. The habits and rituals we practice and perform to reaffirm our sense of self and joy. Her research utilizes epigenetics as a framework to understand the link between historical trauma and present life. It focuses on those who have been historically marginalized, exploited, and excluded. Exploration into forgotten, hidden, and suppressed narratives that speak to this country’s legacies of exclusion and erasure. Her work struggles with the question: how are you meant to thrive when your existence is linked with the historical truths that you were never supposed to live or survive?

The materials she utilizes conjure notions of cheapness, she believes in regarding the “throw away” objects that are typically associated with celebration, through material alchemy she transforms the disregarded into opulent lures that elicit desire. Through the sheer volume of objects, she seeks to force the viewer to consider the labor that is hidden in an object's creation and production. Reflecting our society's craving for the right to consume the “other” and “objects” interchangeably.




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